Welcome to the King of the Waitemata!

The quest to be the fastest wind-powered craft on the Waitemata!

Its all about speed, contestants go head to head to navigate their way around Rangitoto and Motitapu Islands the fastest way possible only powered by the wind.

The race on the 25th April 2018 hopefully with a strong wind forecast, allowing speeds excess of 40knts by some sailing craft to break the 1-hour barrier and beyond.

On April the 25th 2018 sailors, kiters, foiling craft and other wind-powered sailing craft will battle it out on the Waitemata to try and gain the fastest time to be crowned the King of the Waitemata.

Who will win this year’s crown? Will Matt Taggart be able to retain his crown and hold off the likes of Sam Bullock and other up and coming kite foilers or are we going to see other forms of sailing step up and knock the kiters off their throne? Either way, it’s going to be epic.